Bone Char 0-16-0 (6 LB JUG)



Bone Char contains more than 16% available phosphate and 32% total phosphate plus 33-34 % calcium. 

Bone Char 0-16-0 is calcined (kilned) bone meal, which provides plants with large amounts of readily available phosphorus. Although it is commonly used for water purification, it also helps soil retain water and in effect retain nutrients. Bone Char contains over 32% total phosphate (16% available) and 33-34% calcium. Bone Char 0-16-0 is commonly compared to rock phosphate, however significantly less is needed per area to supply the same amount of available phosphate. Bone Char helps you create Earth’s ancient super soil by boosting deficient soils with phosphorus.


Thoroughly mix into the soil at a rate of 1 pound per 100 square feet. Larger rates should only be applied as indicated by a phosphate deficiency, based on the results of a soil test.
(2 cups is approx. 1 lb.)

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
AVAILABLE PHOSPHATE (P2 O5)……………………………… 16.0%

Derived From: Bone char (calcined bone meal).