Brown Turkey (California) Fig



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Brown Turkey (California) Fig,  Ficus carica – Heirloom Variety!

  • Medium to large, bell-shaped.
  • Strawberry flesh.
  • Sweet flavor, best eating freshly picked.
  • Large, self fertile tree.
  • Easy to grow and maintain!
  • Bears two crops per year.

Planting & Care:

  • Planting: Choose location that receives 8 – 10 hours of sunlight per day. Dig a hole deep enough to cover its root ball. Add half a cup of Multi-Start 2-3-3 fertilizer to the hole. Place your tree, loosen it’s roots and tamp down the soil while backfilling. Water to settle the soil.
  • Watering: Brown Turkey Figs are drought resistant, but well-drained soil and proper water management is important until the tree is established.
  • Pruning: Mature tree height is 15-20ft, and mature width is 12-15ft, however you can prune to your desired size and remove any dead or diseased branches.
  • Fertilizing: Feed your fig tree twice a year with Multi-Grow 5-3-4, best in early fall and early spring. Spread 2 cups along the drip line. We also recommend adding organic compost at this time, giving the tree more organic matter to break down. Water after application.
  • Harvest: Fig trees can bear 2 crops per year, second crop is the main crop. For best quality, allow your figs to ripen on the tree and pick when somewhat soft.

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