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56 days. [1939, Clemson/SC. AAS winner.] 4-7 ft. plants with few side-branches. Ribbed pods (1¼ x 8 in.), harvest when pods are 3 in. or smaller. Spineless characteristic makes this popular variety easy to pick.

How to Grow: Okra does best on a fertile, loamy soil with lots of added humus. Excess nitrogen will favor leaf production at the expense of pod production. Start seed in pots 2-3 weeks before transplanting outside, or plant directly in the garden once the soil temperature averages 65 degrees F (3-4 weeks after last frost). Sow seed 3/4-1 in. deep and thin to 18 in. apart in rows 5-6 ft. apart. Seed may be slow to germinate, especially for older heirloom varieties. To speed germination, soak seed overnight in water, or abrade the seed lightly with sandpaper to break down the hard seed coat.

Harvest: Harvest pods when 2-4 in. long except as noted; pod tenderness varies over the course of the season. Use hand pruners to harvest. Young pods also can often be snapped off by hand. Wear long-sleeve shirts to harvest–leaves of most varieties irritate the skin of all but a few lucky humans.

Packet: 4 g (approximately 64-86 seeds, depending on variety) sows 31-52’.

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