Moss Curled Parsley


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Moss Curled Parsley


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Petroselinum crispum

70-85 days. [Pre-1865] Vigorous, high-yielding, and very uniform. Dark green leaves are so thickly curled that the plant resembles moss.

How to Grow: Parsley seed germinates very slowly, requiring 3-4 weeks. Sow seeds in early spring directly into garden, 1/4” deep, and thin to 6-12”. Keep well watered. Soaking seed in water for 24 hours will speed germination. Mark location with radish seed. (Fast germination procedure: Plant seed in a small flat of soil or planting medium. Place flat in a zip-lock bag, and freeze for 12-24 hours. Remove from freezer and keep moist until seed begins to germinate.) Requires full sun. Seed Savers: Isolate by a minimum of 1/4 mile for home use. For pure seed isolate by 1/2 to 1 mile.

Packet: 2 g (approx. 900-1350 seeds, depending on variety) sows 35-70’.

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