Multi-Start 2-3-3


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$18 – 5lb bag; $34 – 25lb bag, Multi-Start 2-3-3 is Yard Farm’s premium starting mix, a natural and organic fertilizer.


Multi-Start 2-3-3 is great for any new installation, seedling or transplant. It can also be used as a summer top-dress for mature fruit trees. When using Multi-Start you will be ensuring a healthy start while enriching the biological activity in your soil!

There is no substitute for Multi-Start when it comes to starting seeds or young transplants. Whether it is vegetables, fruit, flowers, perennials, or nursery stock, no other fertilizer is as gentle and supportive in growth. We recommend using Multi-Start 2-3-3 over our Multi-Grow 5-3-4 for mixing into potting soil. Look under Application Guide on our website for mixing ratios.

This product is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).
General Application Guide: Apply 2-3 pounds per 100 Sq. Ft. (1 Kg per 10 m2)