Nitro Boost 10-0-0 (5 LB JUG)



Nitrogen is a major component of life. The hormones, enzymes and chlorophyll in growing plants are all composed with nitrogen!
Here’s an awesome fertilizer blend that is rich in nitrogen. 

Nitro Boost 10-0-0 is a combination of vegetable protein meals and animal protein meals. This is a fast acting fertilizer with one third of its nitrogen immediately available in a water-soluble form. The organic nitrogen in animal and vegetable protein meals is 90-95 percent water insoluble and complements this professionally formulated blend with its slow release attributes. Nitro Boost 10-0-0 can be side or top-dressed wherever extra nitrogen is needed. There are many inherent factors that change the nitrogen content in the soil. For example, soil drainage, soil texture (percentage of sand, silt and clay), and soil water and salt content. You also have to consider the plants life cycle when it comes to applying more nitrogen. Nitro Boost 10-0-0 can provide valuable crops with the necessary nitrogen at critical times to avoid the stress from inadequate nutrition. However, over applying nitrogen can cause more harm than good, so be mindful of your application rates and schedule.

Apply 1 pound per 100 square feet, depending on nitrogen need. One application per growing season is generally recommended. Do not overfeed as over applying a nitrogen rich fertilizer may burn plants. (2 ½ cups is approx. 1lb)

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
TOTAL NITROGEN (N)………………………………………….. 10.0%
3.5 % Water Soluble Nitrogen
6.5 % Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Derived From: Vegetable protein meals (such as alfalfa meal, cocoa meal, cotton seed meal, kelp meal, peanut meal, and soybean meal), Animal protein meals (such as blood meal, crab meal, dried whey, feather meal, and fish meal), pasteurized poultry litter.