Purple Top White Globe Turnip


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Purple Top White Globe Turnip


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50 days. [Pre- 1880.] A round, white turnip, 5 in. in diameter, with bright purple color around the top where exposed to sunlight. For best texture, harvest at 3 in. diameter or less. Classic turnip flavor.

Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Brassica rapa var. rapifera

How to Grow: Turnips grow well in a wide range of soils, but do best in a loose, friable soil that allows the roots to expand. Plantings can be made in the spring and at summer’s end. Sow seeds 1/4″ deep and thin to 2-4″ apart, rows 10-12″ apart.

Harvest: Best-quality roots are 2-3″ in diameter. Both roots and leaves may be eaten raw or cooked.

Pests: Flea beetles and aphids can be controlled with diatomaceous earth or row cover.

Seed Savers: Isolate a minimum of 600’ for home use. For pure seed isolate at least 1/4 to 1 mile from turnips, mustard, Chinese cabbage, and canola.

Packet: 3g (approximately 1350 seeds) sows 68’

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