Ruby Red (Rhubarb Chard) Swiss Chard


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Ruby Red (Rhubarb Chard) Swiss Chard


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55 days. A beautiful addition to any garden, worth growing for the color alone. Foliage is dark green on ruby- red stalks. More frost tolerant than other chards, plants are especially striking in cold weather.

Swiss Chard

Beta vulgaris

Leaf stems are edible as well as leaves. A few plants of Swiss chard will provide a large supply of greens throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Can withstand light frosts; mulching around plants may help plants overwinter in areas with mild winters. Planted from early to late spring, or again in the fall.

How to Grow: Sow seeds 1/2 to 3/4 in. deep and thin to 12-16 in. apart.

Harvest: Clip off leaves near the base of the plant.

Cooking: Excellent when stir-fried, or used in creamed soups or quiche. Freezes well.

Greenhouse Notes: Swiss chard is an ideal plant for solar greenhouses, where it may be grown as a perennial.

Seed Savers: Isolate varieties by a minimum of 1/4 mile for home use. For pure seed isolate by 1/2 to 1 mile. Will cross readily with beets.

Packet: 4 g (approximately 200 seeds) sows 25’.

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