Sierra Batavian/ Crisphead Lettuce


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54 days. Open-headed batavian crisphead with excellent resistance to bottom rot and tip-burn. Leaves are glossy green with reddish veins. Grows in open fashion at first, forming a compact head at maturity. Very tasty, crisp, and juicy. Holds well under high heat.

Crisphead lettuce is the most popular type, appreciated for its tightly folded blanched crisp leaves, though less nutritious than other types. Because it is harder to grow to perfection, we offer varieties that are more adapted for hot regions. Crisphead lettuce should be set out early in the season since it requires a long cool season. If heads have not formed by late spring, shading with cheesecloth or screening is recommended.

Packet: 0.5g unless stated (approximately 400-600 seeds, depending on variety) sows 30’ direct seeded or 175’ as transplants.

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