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Straight Eight Cucumber


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57 days. [1935, AAS winner] Highly dependable, high yielding cucumber. Very uniform deep green 8 in. fruits about 2½ in. in diameter with an exceptional flavor.

Slicing Cucumbers

Cucumis sativus

How to Grow: Cucumbers require a rich, well-drained soil in pH range 7-7. Avoid too much nitrogen or fruits may be bitter. Water plants regularly to get the mildest fruits. Seeds require a temperature of at least 68 degrees F to germinate. Plant out starting 1-2 weeks after last frost.

Seed Watering Notes: Be careful not to overwater germinating seeds or they may rot. It’s best to soak the ground or the potting soil heavily when first planting, then avoid watering again if possible until seedlings emerge. (For seeds in potting soil, keep them warm but out of direct sunlight so that they don’t dry out so fast.) Cucumber seeds emerge in 5+ days; very lightly water ground or potting soil around day 3 or 4 to keep soil from crusting so that seeds can emerge more easily.

Direct Seeding: Sow seeds 1/2 to 3/4 in. deep. Final spacing should be 6-12 in. apart in rows 3-5 ft. apart.

Transplants: Sow seeds 1/2 in. deep, 2-3 seeds per pot. Cut off weak seedlings at the base to avoid disturbing roots. Seeds germinate best at 85-90 degrees F (29-32 degrees C). Maintain seedlings at 75 degrees F or higher. Harden plants before setting out, and take care not to disturb fragile roots when transplanting. Since cucumber transplants are fussy, hold back a few seedlings for filling in any gaps in the row as they appear.

Harvest: To maintain good production, harvest fruit every 1-3 days.

Seed Savers: Isolate varieties by 1/8 mile for home use. Isolate a minimum of 1/4 to 1 mile for pure seed.

Packet: 2g unless stated (about 59-78 seeds, depending on variety) sows 20’.

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