Winter Density Buttercos Lettuce


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Winter Density Buttercos Lettuce


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58 days. [English variety] 8 in. heads are compact, dense, and upright. A high-quality lettuce with excellent cold tolerance. Does well for us in greenhouse or garden.

Romaine (Cos) Lettuce

Lactuca sativa

How to Grow: Lettuce is a cool-weather crop that thrives in the temperature range 60-65 degrees F, and if thoroughly hardened, most varieties survive temperatures as low as 20 degrees F. Cold-adapted varieties survive much lower temperatures. Seed germinates best at about 75 degrees F. Lettuce seed will germinate at a temperature as low as 40 degrees F. Early spring plantings should be made as hardened transplants from seed started one month before setting outdoors. Later plantings can be direct-seeded. Sow seed 1/4″ deep and thin to 10-16″ apart depending on the variety. Loose-leaf varieties may be planted more closely but good air circulation should be maintained around the plants. Soil should be cool and moist during the germination period.

Packet: 0.5g unless stated (approximately 400-625 seeds, depending on variety) sows 30’ direct seeded or 175’ as transplants.

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